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At Applaws, making pet food matters, that's why they pride themselves on creating pet foods that are 100% natural.  Applaws only sources its ingredients from natural and sustainable resources. They won't scrimp and won't settle for anything but the best.

There's none of the additives and fillers found in other so-called 'natural' cat foods. This means no Guar Gum, Dicalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride or any other ingredients that aren't part of a natural diet. If it isn't 100% natural, it isn't in Applaws. Seventy five percent meat, with only three or four ingredients and no additives. Simple.

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The results of the life-experience of Dr. Robert M. Collett, and the study of diet and nutrition combined with creative research and development, lead to the formulation of a true 21st century line of pet supplements. The Missing Link is formulated using human grade whole foods and food concentrates of the highest quality obtainable. The ingredients are nutrient dense, sparingly processed, and provide the right kinds of fats in the right ratio. They are free of added flavorings, colorings, and preservatives … as near as possible to what "Mother Nature" intended. With over 20 years of success and thousands of testimonials.

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Your pet is important and caring is natural. That's why we want you to know you can trust the quality of Pet Naturals® supplements, and why we are proud to bear the NASC seal. Every animal deserves an opportunity to live healthfully Pet Naturals® of Vermont is here to provide that chance.

Pet Naturals® of Vermont, produces only the purest, most reliable formulas, including dog vitamins, cat vitamins and even glucosamine for dogs all designed to help pets live healthier lives.

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Beyond a cat litter mat, the Stikitty is a paw cleaning pad. The Stikitty uses clean room technology to proactively clean dirt, dust, and debris from paws—creating a healthier, happier pet and cleaner, healthier home!
  • Easy to clean; no more shaking!
  • 20 sticky layers; when top layer is fully used, easily remove it to expose next, clean layer 
  • Variety of sizes to fit a range of space requirements
  • Comfortable for cat's paws—sticky enough for litter but not so sticky that it bothers even the most skittish cat's paws!
One Stikitty can last up to 6 months.


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Wag More Bark Less dog treats were created to reflect straightforward goodness, with all natural, simple ingredients and no wheat.

  • 100% wheat free
  • Made with all natural premium ingredients
  • Great for all dogs, even those with wheat sensitivities
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Made in USA




Tropiclean products are 20oz solution based bottles. Their products are soap and detergent free. This means that any spot on flea and/or tick treatment will not be effected by their products. They are formulated with therapeutic, organic extracts. A gentle bath in Tropiclean promotes a naturally shiny, healthy, coat. As a US based manufacturing company, Tropiclean have selected products and materials made in the USA. Tropiclean ottles are made from recycled materials. The sleeve labels are made from corn which makes them natural, renewable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Tropiclean's Fresh Breath products are a complete line of affordable oral care products that promotes cleaner, healthier teeth and fresher breath. These breakthrough formulas help remove plaque and tartar which is the leading cause of gingivitis and bad breath. These products require NO brushing.


New FURminator Product Line

The NEW FURminator product line features NEW products, NEW features, NEW packaging, NEW colors and a SPECIAL ISO Program Offering to help launch the program and make it easy for the stores to merchandise effectively and easy for consumers to locate the specific tool needed for their pet!

FURminator have added the Toy Dog, Giant Dog and Large Cat sizes to their tool selections and introduced 3 NEW tools: the Small Animal tool, the Puppy 2pc combo pack grooming tool and the Kitten 2pc combo pack grooming tool. They have also expanded their selection of shampoos and conditioners to total 17 products designed to treat specific coat and skin conditions.




Ware Manufacturing, Inc. is a family of animal lovers in the business of producing products to promote pet keeping. Extensive experience brings quality, innovative and affordable products across a range small animal, cat, and dog categories.

Ware's product line includes: CritterWare, a full line of small animal homes and accessories; CatWare, a full selection of quality constructed cat furniture and accessories; CanineWare, premium doghouses, playpens, kennels and canine accessories; and ChickenWare, hutches and accessories for the back yard flock.

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Smokehouse dog treats are made from 100% beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Slow roasted for up to 40 hours, steeped in the natural juices of the meat itself until a truly safe natural dog treat with exceptional palatability is created. No chemical additives or preservatives are ever used in our roasting process. Smokehouse roast each order after they receive it to give the freshest product available.